"Do only what is necessary"
Pablo Casals  

Taiji for Musicians

Doing less

Pablo Casals quote suggests that we have a tendency to do to much. We often move in ineffective ways, not supporting our musical expression or, more important,  we do to much in what we do, so have unnecessary tensions, adversely effecting the musical result we're looking for. If you are interested to stop that from happening and are interested in how use affects functioning, this Body-Mind approach to Taiji Quan will be an interesting experiment.



Alexander Technique

As musician you're probably already familiar with the Alexander Technique. In our Taiji Course for Musicians, we make use of the Alexander Technique, which has proven to be an excellent basis for developing a body-mind understanding. The course is based on more than 8 year of experience with professional musicians of the RFO as well as Alexander Technique work with many professional musicians and students from different Conservatories, including musicians of the RCO in Amsterdam.


Free workshops

There will be will be 3 free workshops scheduled, for students of the Utrecht Conservatory at the data on the right.

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Tuesday    25/10     19:00-20:00

Thursday  27/10     19:00-20:00

Thursday    3/11     19:00-20:00



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