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"Taiji is born from wuji. It is the mother of yin and yang.

  In movements it separates and in stillness it merges"

                                                                        Wang Ts'ung-Yueh                   



Taiji Quan

Is an ancient Chinese Martial Art. Based as it is on Daoism, it goes back to Lao Tzu, some 2500 years ago. It's slow and gentle movements allow the devellopment of a deeper understanding of ourselves and make it possible to studie the art throughout a lifetime. Understanding ourselves forms the basis for our health and of understanding others, which are of course of vital importance in combat but also in life.


Yang Style

In the School we practice the traditional Yang style, one of the three main styles in Taji Quan. The syle is founded in the 19th century by Yang Lu-ch'an (楊露禪), and develloped further on different lines. It became well known in the West by professor Cheng Man-ch'ing. Master Huang Sheng Shyan, said to be his most advanced student, refined the art further and pased it on to my teacher: Kee Jin Wee.